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Welcome to LFG Directory!

LFG Directory provides a service where GMs can post games for players to find, and even manage the schedule for those games through the site. Game times automatically are displayed in the player's calendar in their timezone. Games can either be publically visible for any player to apply to join, limited to friends and community members, or even unlisted with a private invitation link. All games, communities, and user profiles on LFG are private by default.

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Powered by communities

Finding and scheduling games with a compatible group of players is still one of the most difficult parts of the RPG hobby. Visit any gaming community online, and you'll find a forum post, chat channel, or similar being used to post games looking for players. Quite sensibly, very few people want to join a game of complete strangers, and feel much more comfortable looking for new games within a single community where they know at least some of the other members have similar interests. One of easiest ways to achieve the same result on LFG is to post your games only to specific communities for which you are a member, allowing you to reach a larger group of players without opening your game to Rando Calrissian.

Sync with Discord

The hardest part of using a separate service is finding ways to connect it to your existing community. Given the large number of RPG focused Discord servers, particularly ones based around actual-play podcasts, connecting with Discord was a natural choice. If you choose to either sign up or log in using your Discord account, LFG will allow you to link your community to any Discord server for which you are an administrator. Other members of that server will be automatically added to your community on LFG the next time they sign into our site using their Discord account.

NOTE: LFG keeps a record of your Discord email address to help you access account features that depend upon it, which servers you belong to, and which of those you are an administrator. It does not store any other information about your Discord account or additional information about those servers. Other users are matched to your communities only when they explictly login to this site and grant access to the list of servers to which they belong.

We love you

LFG is a labor of love and I have no plans to build a business upon it. It's possible that at some point I may start a donation/crowdfunding program to help with server costs, but I don't intend to charge to use any of the current features of the site.